My Next Journey

I have seven more classes until I have completed my Business Degree. This semester I plan on taking four classes and in the fall I will take my last three classes! I am also taking homeopathy classes. I am currently taking two classes which are normally spread between two different years but I figured I could manage my time enough to do them both in one year. So far it has worked out great, and I love every second of my homeopathy classes. My last classes are in June 2016. Then I will start my second to last year in September 2016. Once I have finished my classes I will study hard for a CHC exam. When I pass I plan to open my own business in my home and treat people with homeopathy. I am so excited about my life in the future. I have a lot to look forward to!


English- Online Communication

The importance of working in difficult situations; how to make and maintain contact with an online team.  If this were a job, what else would you have done to ensure success?

Working with a team online is very difficult. Although, we are very lucky to have the technology we have know to make online communication easier. In my English class we had a group project to complete online with plenty of time to do it. I kept checking in to see if anyone had started and never saw anything. Eventually, I got an email and I responded right away with my plans and got right on the project. Unfortunately nobody else had responded and I had already finished and submitted my project to the lady who was putting it together. Later on, I noticed people started interacting. I think it was more of a last minute thing. If I was thinking, I would had planned it out more and took part in leadership by giving everyone their own parts to complete and have a due date for them. If this were my job, I also would have become a leader if nobody had done anything and started assigning parts for each person.

Road Trip- Colorado Rockies, Grand Teton/Yellowstone Nationa Park

These past few days have been amazing! We were supposed to get up at 4:00am to fly out Tuesday but I was up at 3 just because I was so excited. Portland airport was very quiet that early in the morning and we had a quick hour and a half flight. At New York airport, that was a different story! The airport was very busy and we were starving with only 40 minutes to catch our plane. I stood in line to get some food and Barrett was at our gate. He came back saying the plane had already boarded and it was time to go! We told the cooks to cancel our order because we had to get on the plane and they said wait one second it’s ready. Another 5 minutes go by and we are both getting extremely impatient and I said we are leaving. The cook said if we go wait at the gate they can bring us our food. So we left and didn’t wait at the gate. We almost reached the plane when I heard a lady yelling “your food!!”. I ran back up and grabbed the food. I was in such relief that I finally got to eat! This flight was very long, almost 4 hours but it was nothing compared to our 8 hour Hawaii flight. We were antsy and ready to get off. After we landed in Colorado and collected our luggage, we got on a shuttle to thrifty, our car rental. That was a disaster. We did not even think about all the extra charges, taxes and insurance. We were expecting it to be around $200 when it was actually around $1400!! So we ran into a problem because all our cards had $1000 limits. I immediately called my mom at the bank to see if she could raise Barrett’s limit. It wasn’t working because there is a block on all cards in certain states and Colorado was one of them. After two hours we found a solution. We only paid for some of the days to bring it down to $880 and then used my credit card. So we will have to call to charge it again later for the rest of the total. I still have yet to see the charge on my statement online so I can pay it off. We were supposed to get a Chevy Tahoe and they said they didn’t have any available and offered a Nissan. We went to look at it and were unhappy with it because we wanted to be able to sleep in it. Then he said how about a minivan. So we check that out and it was perfect! Everything folded down flat so we could lay our mattresses out and sleep comfortably. We set off to Walmart to get food, water, and other supplies. After that we starting driving north. At first the ride was very scenic because we were driving through the Rockies. It was amazing!
 We took a very curvy route that nobody was on so that was nice! After that, it was flat…forever! There would be a tiny town every 50 miles. That day we drove 375 miles. We stopped to get some dinner at penny’s diner and started to get sleepy so we stopped at the roadway inn pronghorn lodge. It was amazing because I wanted a shower so bad! The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and set off again. This time we drove through grand Teton national park and Yellowstone national park. The grand Tetons were huge and covered with snow. I loved every minute of the drive!
Yellowstone was amazing also! We drove for a while before we saw anything.
 We were really hoping to see more wildlife but

we saw some Bulls and deer.
We got to old faithful just in time because it was about to erupt. That was beautiful!
We stopped in the last city to try to get some food but everything was closed because it’s so late in the season. We found a little souvenir shop and picked up a few things. When we left Yellowstone we came to Gardiner, Montana and got some dinner and headed north for glacier national park. We stopped in Livingston, Montana at a super 8. Yesterday we drove 306 miles. We did a lot of stopping in Yellowstone (including a nap)! Today we hope to make it to glacier national park! 

Following Adventurers

I chose to follow because I love traveling and photography. I am currently traveling the west coast and am loving it!! I hope to learn more about different parts of the world and eventually visit them.

Forever Changed

When I was a senior in high school I was going through a hard time. I became very stressed out thinking about what to do with my life. I was playing sports, filling out college applications, working part time and taking two college courses along with regular high school classes. I had never been more stressed. During this year, I was diagnosed with mono. This was the worst experience of my life. I was out of school and sports and constantly have anxiety along side. I was sick of being home but was not able to leave. One night I had anxiety so bad I fainted. I will never forget that night. To this day, I am extremely terrified of getting sick. If I’m sick, I automatically have anxiety. I get anxiety just thinking about being sick and make myself sick. All I know is anxiety is not fun and if it weren’t for all the stress my senior year I would have never gotten mono and probably would have never had anxiety.

Time Flies

Within the past few years I have really started understanding how fast time goes by. I look at the world differently now. I am more aware of things going on around me. A year and a half ago, my boyfriend and I got a puppy. We named him Dakota and fell in love with him. Now he is a year and a half old and weighs over 100 pounds. Where does the time go?! I feel like an old lady saying this but it seems like just yesterday. Everything now seems like just yesterday.

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As a writer, I will consider myself successful when..

As a writer, I will consider myself successful when I use descriptive words that actually work well with what I’m talking about. I am constantly forcing myself to think of “fancy” words to imply to my writing. I’m successful when the words just come to me without over thinking it so much. I want to be able to write a whole paper in one sitting without thinking about the rules I need to follow and descriptive words to use. I hit the backspace key so much without even noticing it. During my time writing this, I have probably already hit it 50 times. I am constantly thinking about the reader. Will they judge me? Will they dislike my ideas? Could I have used a better word? With that being said, I will consider myself successful when I stop over thinking, rethinking, hitting the backspace key, and write smoothly with no restrictions.

Kayaking with Kota

My sisters and I decided to go kayaking. We dug the kayaks out along with paddles and life jackets. We pushed ourselves offshore and Kota, our dog, starts crying. He is upset that us three girls are leaving him. We start going around the island and Kota is following us on land. He doesn’t swim so he wouldn’t try to come out to us. We get around to the backside and there he is waiting for is except this time he swam to a rock to get closer! I was so amazed! I thought about trying to get him in the kayak but I didn’t think it would work out so good. It is early spring so the water is freezing! I asked my sisters if I should try and at first they said no then they said why not. So I went up to the rock scared out of my mind and he jumped right in, facing me. It was a little awkward for him so he jumped right back out. He was crying and pacing around the rock so I went back over and this time he jumped in the right way. Trying to be as steady as possible because this dog weighs 100 pounds at a year old! Any sudden movement could flip us over. He was extremely gentle though and made no movements. I think he was as scared as I was. After a while we both felt comfortable and made it back to the other side of the island. I was so proud of him! He is such a good boy! 


For the love of hiking

I climbed Sally mountain for the first time this year. This is only my second time going to the top. I got up at 6:00 this morning and my boyfriend, Barrett, and our dog, Koda were both ready to go. We took off across the lake to get to Sally beach. The hike is about 1.6 miles. Barrett brought his chainsaw so he could cut trees down that were in our path.  

 The woods were really beautiful this morning. Of course a picture could not capture such a beautiful morning like this, but I tried anyway.  

 The first part of the hike is very gradual, this is where most of the tress had fallen. About a mile into it, it gets really steep. I started hoping to see fallen trees for Barrett to cut but there were only a few. Just a few steps ahead of the mile marker you get to a sign that says spring.  


Koda was very happy to get a taste of the fresh spring water.  

 Barrett decided we needed a new cover for the spring so he took some measurements. 

A couple feet from reaching the top we found snow in our trail. The sun doesn’t hit that part of the mountain so the snow was melting pretty slowly. 

Once we finally reached the top, after 45 minutes, we were in awe of the view. We sat down on a rock and drank lots of water. Once we caught our breath we started back down the mountain. It was at that time that I remembered we never took a picture of the view! I was upset and joking said we need to turn around and go back. I guess we were just in the moment so much that there was no time for picture taking. 

It took us about 30 mintues to get back to the bottom. We got in the boat made it back. I love unexpected and unplanned adventures! I can’t wait to talk about many more!